The kids had spring break last week. Having a newborn and it being Ian's busy season, I knew we wouldn't do much, but I at least wanted to do something. Well, then Callum got super sick all week. It made it next to impossible to leave the house. But, on Friday, we left Callum with Grammy and went to Columbia. There was so much whining, complaining and fighting that went on in my house last week and I am happy to report that my kids literally did none of those three things on our trip to Columbia. 

We started off gold panning, which both the kids loved. Connor ended up finding several little pieces of gold and he was excited. Isla collected the gemstones (or colored rocks...?). Then we walked around the main street before stopping in a place for lunch. Both kids had ice cream and I had the most amazing fresh snickerdoodle cookie. Then we walked around some more. The kids wanted to go back to the gold panning, so we did that. It worked out perfect because I could sit and nurse Willa right by where they were gold panning. Then they climbed the big rocks for a bit before Isla ended up covered in mud...and when I say covered, I mean had to strip down for the ride home covered. And that was our sign to head home! 

It was seriously such a nice day, just watching the kids enjoy themselves and not complain or whine all day. It made me realize that they are often quite happy when we are out exploring and we should probably make sure to do it more often! Though I will admit, it's hard to do with Ian working so much, but we are on the count down...busy season is almost over!!!

^^^ A little gold on his finger than he found all by himself

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