People are always making comments about how the older kids must be such a big help with the baby. In my head I am usually rolling my eyes at them and think about how it's not like they are doing all the laundry and making dinners and such. But then my perspective changed a bit the other day.

Callum was acting like, well, a three year old on the walk home from school and was requiring ALL my attention...and both my hands. Connor instantly offered to push Willa's stroller. When we got home, Callum still needed me. Isla jumped in and asked to hold Willa. All the sudden, I realized they help in small ways that really add up. And I really need to not overlook those little things. Without asking or prompting, they will put Willa's pacifier back in her mouth if she starts fussing. Isla loves talking/playing with her. And lately, at bedtime, Willa and I have been laying down with Isla. Both Isla and Willa fall asleep, then I get up and put Willa in her bed. It really has become a special time for me...and hopefully for them as well.

Now if only I could convince one of them to change poopie diapers ;)

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