Willa {two months}

weight: 10lbs 3oz
length: 22.25"

Willa is such a joy to have in our home. This girl smiles so often. And when you see a big baby smile, it's hard to not smile yourself. Joy, I tell you. Pure joy. 

Willa is becoming a lot more interactive. She stares at her toys and mobile. In fact, she is happy to be on her play mat for longer periods of time now. She follows me around the room when I am walking around or talking from across the room. She is getting good at holding her head up for a few seconds during tummy time. And, though still wobbly, she is holding it up better and better when I hold her upright. 

Willa is taking a pacifier well and that makes me happy. I personally associate pacifiers with good sleepers, so yeah. And she is doing well in the sleep department. During the day, she doesn't really have a schedule. She sleeps and eats when she wants. She doesn't ever seem to sleep for any super long period of time. Usually just an hour or so. But at night is a whole other story. I put her down around 8pm, swaddled and fed and she has been sleeping until sometime in the 2am hour, waking only to be fed, then is right back down. 

Willa thoroughly enjoys being worn in the wrap and generally will go to sleep almost instantly in it. She prefers being held, but is getting better and better at being left on her play mat or in the swing while she is awake. 

Willa is still in size 1 diapers. She can still fit in some of her newborn clothes, mostly the onesies. And she is fitting well into her 0-3 month clothing. Though shoes are a whole other story! Willa has such skinny little feet and legs that it is impossible to keep any shoes or socks on her feet. Of course, now it's getting warm, so that doesn't matter so much anymore.

And for comparisons sake, at 2 months old, Willa came in third for weight (with Isla first, then Callum and Connor coming in last) and both Callum and Isla were longer than her too. I don't know where Connor stood there, as I didn't measure him.

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