A Sisterly Comparison

It's no secret that I love a good sibling photo comparison. I've done a lot throughout the years. But the one I can do with Willa in the same outfit as the other three kids is still a few months off...and the poor girl will have to put on a warm winter outfit in the middle of the summer for it too! Sorry girl, but its gotta be done. So I decided to go back through old photos of Isla and see what outfits we still had hanging around. I was actually surprised how few outfits we have left that I have pictures of Isla in. But we still had this one AND the pictures are from around the same time. Perfect. And, perfectly enough, we also still have the same chair. 

I tried to get Willa to sit in the middle of the chair like Isla was, but it could not be done. She must not have the core strength yet. Which I also found photos of Isla sitting up in the bumbo at this age and I don't think Willa is quite ready for that either. So I settled for the side of the chair. Willa smiles so easily, so naturally it is a photo of her smiling. For the next photo, I did one of them laying down. I apparently should have looked at the photo of Isla first because I have Willa laying the opposite direction. Oh well. It's still a fun comparison. You can't tell from this picture because of Isla's big bow, but Isla actually had decent amount of hair at two months, whereas Willa pretty much just has some fuzz. 

Though the girls look similar, I still think Willa looks way more like Callum as a baby than the other two. It will be fun to see what she looks like and who she looks more like as she gets older. Her hair isn't as dark as Isla's was, so the jury is still out as to what color hair she will have too. But the doctor said at her two month check up that chances are she will keep her blue eyes, as they haven't started changing yet.

Here are a few of my favorite comparisons of the older three over the years - 8.5 months old, in the monkey outfit and in their crib at 19 months old. In the last one, I can't believe how much more hair Connor and Isla had compared to Callum at the same age. Connor's hair was just perfect. 

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