Connor's Band Performance

There's a place in town that puts together kid bands. They practice for eight weeks, then put on a concert. Connor's band, Storm, stayed together for a second session in a row. The drummer left and Connor moved from the piano this last time to the drums for two songs and the bass guitar for one song. Their performance was this past weekend at the Gallo Center. 

My favorite song they performed this time was So What by Pink. It helps that Pink is one of my favorites, but also, it was their strongest song. But seriously, every time I heard the little girl say "tool" in the chorus, I couldn't help but chuckle. Quite the word for a little kid.

Connor really enjoys music, so this has been a really good thing for him. It is an activity he always looks forward to and never complains about...which is big for a kid that normally doesn't like leaving the house! He is going to do another session in the summer, so we shall see if Storm stays together or not.

In case you missed it and want to see photos from his last band performance, you can see them here

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