School Open House

The kids had open house at their school this past week. It happened to be the same night as Connor has band practice on, so we knew him and Ian would be coming at pretty much the end. I was planning on going late so I didn't have to entertain the other kids there for a while, but Isla was super excited (and all hyped up) about going and wanted to get there as soon as it opened. 

We started in Isla's class. She showed me everything and just as we were finishing up, her bestie came in. They looked around in the class for a bit, then went to get shaved ice together. About then is when Ian's parents showed up, so we went back to Isla's class. Then Ian and Connor arrived. Isla went to the playground with her bestie and the rest of us went to Connor's class to check it out. 

^^ Isla was very proud of the fact that they typed up their reports on their animal all by themselves. She chose a peacock to do a report and diorama on.

Every year I like getting pictures by this wall at the school. I have done it every open house, though apparently when Connor was in kindergarten, I didn't get in the photo too. But, I want to continue taking pictures with whatever kids are students at the time in front of this wall. I think it will be a fun comparison over the years. Which, I figured out that I will have a kid at this school for 17 years in a row. CRAZY! Also, I will be pretty dang old by the time we move on from this school...haha! And I will have two kids in college by the time we are done with elementary school too. Like I said, crazy.

I like these pictures of Connor and Isla because it totally is a representation of their personalities. Connor, a bit more reserved and will do what he is told. And Isla, full of life and lover of attention.

It's hard to believe that another school year is almost behind us. They always go faster than I would like. But I really am looking forward to the summer. Not having to set an alarm, hanging out with friends, pool time, family time, popsicles and more! 

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