Callum the Helper

Callum is going through this stage where he wants to "help" with practically everything. 

Yep! He pulls out the stool and wants to help stir ingredients or even help cook. That one makes me a little nervous with hot items, but so far, so good. He will even run to the playroom and find his little oven mitt when I am baking. 

Yep! He always says "I help" and proceeds to get out his tool kit and hammer the floor close to where the cleaning is happening. Haha! Though if there is any spray involved, he is more than welcome to spray. 

Watering the plants?
Yep! He is all over this one. I am happy to let him go to town watering the plants in the front and the back yard. And they certainly get plenty of love. Inside the house is a whole other story. 

Well...kind of. He loves putting things in the washer or switching them to the dryer. But when it comes to putting away the clean clothes, he really just likes playing in them...and gets mad when I actually put away the clothes!

Washing the car?
Yep! Callum loves helping Ian wash his car. He will scrub it and rinse it off. I take my car to the carwash and he loves handling the vacuum. 

It really is a cute stage. And though it can slow me down and sometimes I just want to tell him no, I also don't want to discourage helping out, so I try to let him help in some way whenever he wants. 

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