Blueberry Picking

On Saturday we did our annual blueberry picking trip. I always think we will go several times a season, and back when I had two kids that actually happened, but that reality is becoming less and less...hence calling it the annual trip ;) Some friends of ours came to stay with us for the weekend and what better family fun than blueberry picking (or the zoo, which we hit up the next day)?

We actually managed to pick quite the haul of blueberries. We picked just shy of six pounds. Which was impressive, given that Callum ate basically everything he picked and I couldn't bend over to pick because of wearing Willa in the wrap. Really, we have Ian to thank for the bulk of that, though Isla picked a fair amount as well. 

This place has this really neat big tractor that they turned into a play structure. The kids really enjoyed themselves playing on it. And I tested out the strength of that little wagon while the kids were playing, by plopping myself down on it to rest. 

It was a fun time and I'm glad Ian got to join us this time, as oftentimes I go during the week and he doesn't get to join in on the fun...also known as kid wrangling. Because, well, Callum disappeared there for a minute and my mind always flashes to us being on the nightly news. Thankfully he was quickly located a couple isles over from the rest of us.

^^ Connor and Luca. He is Connor's oldest friends, as we all lived in Scotland and met when we were pregnant. And they moved to southern California about a year after we moved back. 

By the way, I don't remember fruit picking being a thing when I was a kid. The first time we went was when we lived in Scotland and Connor was a baby. Some friends invited us. Then we moved back to Modesto and blueberry picking was all the rage. And the thing is, I totally love it. That is all. 

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