Willa {three months}

weight: 12.5 lbs (my measurement)
likes: her bouncy seat, being worn, attention from her siblings, nursing, 
her pacifier, people smiling at her
dislikes: gas, spitting up, Callum roaring at her loudly

This girl is still FULL of smiles. Smiles all the time. She smiles when I kiss her. She smiles when I sing to her. She smiles when I smile at her. And I just eat it all up. 

Willa does great with tummy time and can hold her head up really well. And once she is done, she will just lay there for a bit before crying out to be turned over. She has yet to really even try to roll over. If you have her laying, but slightly propped up, she will try to sit herself up, but really can't do much more than lift her head up. Willa spends a lot of her time with her hands and feet flailing about. She is starting to get control of them though and seems to be grabbing things with her hands more and more. 

Willa has developed a sensitivity to loud or startling noises. It started with Callum roaring at her. I had literally never heard her cry so hard and loud. It was funny and sad all at the same time. She has since had the same reaction to a loud noise that happened close to her. 

Sleep wise, Willa is still doing well. She goes down really easily, as long as I am there to nurse her. It doesn't matter if she is hungry or not, she wants to be swaddled and nursed when it is time for bed. I usually get at least a 6 hour stretch out of her before she wakes up. If it's before then, I offer her the pacifier if she wakes and that generally does the trick. During the day Willa doesn't really have a schedule with naps. And honestly, she seems to more catnap then take long naps...which fits my theory that has gone along with all my kids, babies are either a good napper or a good night sleeper, not both. However, if I wear her in the wrap, she will sleep hours. It's crazy. But I think she just likes being cozy. 

Willa is fully in size 0-3 months clothing and even some 3-6 month is starting to work. I think it all depends on brands. She is wearing size 1 diapers, but I will be switching to size 2 when those are out...mostly because I had bought size 2 when I did a stock and save deal on diapers at Target. 

Willa is still nursing like a champ. Sometimes she will start crying when I am nursing her. It just means she has a big burp that needs to get out. And it is usually a really loud burp. But, once it's out, she is ready to eat again. I let her eat as often as she likes during the day, hoping it cuts down on the nighttime feeds. And so far it (or one of the numerous other factors) is working, so I am keeping at it.

It feels like the last three months went fast. But really, I think it's just I would have enjoyed basking in her newness a bit longer. But honestly, I also love this next phase of her interacting with me so much more. Time is a double edged sword, I tell you. 

And, just in case you like to compare like me, here is Connor's 3 month update,  Isla's and Callum's too. All my babies looked pretty similar at this age, but I still think Willa and Callum look the most similar. 

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