Callum {3 months}

Weight: 12lbs, 14oz
Length: 25 inches

Likes: Sleeping on his tummy, his swing, sitting up (in the bumbo or on someone's lap), playing on his play mat, his brother and sister, his thumb
Dislikes: His carseat, people holding him in the laying down position, loud/startling noises

After battling rsv right when he turned two months, things only went uphill from there. But, it was a looong two weeks of sickness and I started to wonder if a fussy baby was just the "new Callum". But, he got better and his sunny disposition came back. As long has he isn't hungry or tired, Callum is full of smiles for people. And, it's kind of funny when you can get him to smile while crying. Even Connor is entertained by that one. 

Callum has started sleeping long stretches through the night. We are talking 8-10 hours stretches. It has been really nice. I actually had to wake him up to feed him when my alarm clock went off the other morning. He had slept all night long! Basically I found out he loved the swing and have been letting him sleep in it. I put a monitor by it, so I can hear in my room if he wakes at night. But, if I try letting him sleep in his crib, he seems to wake every 2 hours or so. So really, I don't care what people say, he can sleep in the swing all he wants! I'll cross the bridge of getting him out of the swing later on down the road…that's  a job for future (well rested) Jessica. 

Callum has fully become a thumb sucker. He tends to only do it when he is ready to go to sleep. But, he quickly finds his thumb and puts himself to sleep. It sure is cute looking. But I am still nervous about having to wean him off his thumb when he is older. 

If you lay Callum down, he tries sitting up. He fully lifts his head up, but also tries using his abs to sit up…he can't exactly get anywhere, but you can tell he's trying. But rolling over, yeah, that hasn't happened yet. He hasn't even attempted it. He is very active though. Kicking his arms and legs and can scoot around while laying down too. Yet, he hasn't even accidentally rolled over while on his stomach even. It will happen in due time. 

Callum still hates his car seat. This makes running errands very stressful at times. But, when we get places, if I plop him in his stroller, he is as happy as can be. The last few times I have tried wearing him in a carrier, he has flipped out and calmed down as soon as I get him out. I am hoping that is just a small phase because trying to carry Callum with one arm  while pushing a cart with the other is quite the challenge…though it sure is building up my arm muscles! 

I can't believe it has already been three months that Callum has been a part of our family. Yet, it feels so normal having him around. I sure do love this little man of mine. 

And, just in case you like to compare like me, here is Connor's 3 month update and Isla's too

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  1. Oh my gosh. I can't believe he is 3 months old already. When did that happen? I am so happy to hear he is sleeping more at night! I love those blue eyes and those toes!!

    I just like to imagine you dragging this chair out of your house, into our car, and into someone's random orchard and it makes me smile. But it is the perfect chair for photos!


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