Three Kids

I woke up to three kids in bed with me the other day. That's not an uncommon occurrence around here these days and makes me so thankful we upgraded to a king size bed a year ago. Connor is usually the first one up, but on this particular day it was Callum. And since it's hard to notice Isla in the background (and the fact that she is practically smooshing Connor) I thought I would include a picture of the two older kids as well. 

While pregnant, a lot of people wanted to talk to me about the transition to three kids. The main takeaway I kept getting is that three kids is the tipping point when you just have to start letting things go. Most people talked about their house going downhill or not having three hands while out in public with three children. While I do feel like a circus act while in public at times, I feel like something else has majorly taken a hit. 


I seriously can't keep up on the life outside of the five of us. I don't know if this is because of transitioning to three, having an infant or it being Ian's busy season. But I just forget every single thing that is non-essential. Case in point, we were supposed to have dinner at someone's house last week. I forgot until THAT EVENING. Oops. And people are constantly having to remind me of things they need from me. Let's not even talk about getting together with friends because that one is practically nonexistent…which I really am sad about. 

I think I am in coping mode…also known as my new normal. Then again, we (yes, freaking "we"…not just Ian here) only have a month left of busy season. Things should hopefully be more normal again after that. But, if not, I hope that I somehow find a better way of interacting with people outside the walls of my home. 

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