Isla Soup

Lately Isla has been really into making "soup". She calls it soup, I call it throwing a bunch of random ingredients in a bowl. She always brings it to me, promising it to be delicious and offers me a bite. Of course, she rarely dares to try it herself. The other day, Isla wanted a picture of herself with her soup and I told her I would do it in exchange for her taking a bite of her soup. I'm glad she accepted because her facial expressions are priceless. 

Doesn't that leave you wanting to try the soup too?! Believe it or not, she still offered it to me after trying it, still promising it to be delicious. Crazy girl, I love your little girl ways and will miss things like Isla soup when you stop doing it in just a few short years.

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  1. At first I totally thought it was a pretend soup. I'm impressed you let her play in the kitchen with real ingredients. She is so funny. I totally laughed picturing her try it and then telling you to try it still.


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