A Visit to Fairytale Town

During Ian's busy season, the itch starts coming to get out of town on day trips. It allows both of us to fully focus on each other and the kids and not all the work (for him) and house mess (for me) that we left behind. In searching for places in our area to go, Fairytale Town came up. We had been to Fairyland in Oakland before, which is the same concept. Comparing the two, I will say, I liked how incredibly clean and new mostly everything seemed at Fairytale Town. It also has a ton of bathrooms, lots of wide open space for running around and wasn't jam packed with people. Fairyland does have some rides, but I am thinking Fairytale Town tops it. 

The kids had lots of fun playing. Their favorite things seemed to be watering the garden (which, hey, maybe I should put them in charge of that at our house!) and the play boat. Though Callum looks cute in these pictures, he was all sorts of high maintenance while we were there. Which, in his defense, he was at the height of a bad cold and I am sure feeling miserable…and wondering why the heck his parents were dragging him out of the house in that state. I have to say, taking a four and six year old to something like this is a dream. They actually listen to you when you call them and they don't dart off into the crowd. It sure takes the anxiety level down a few notches. Of course, I realize the irony that we will be right back in that stage with Callum in about two years. But I will enjoy it while I can!

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  1. I really do love that place! It's so fun and such a great place to let kids go explore! I hope to take Nixon during spring break for the first time. I think that teepee is even newer than when Eisley and I went last year.


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