A First {baby} Kiss And Other Random Musings

Callum came home from the kindergarten pick up one day last week with a nice set of red lips on his cheeks. There is this amazingly sweet grandma that picks up her granddaughter once a week from Connor's class and loves her some babies…so she loves on Callum. I loved the lips. I don't wear lipstick and I can't recall a time that any of my kids ended up with a little lipstick kiss on their cheeks, so I particularly liked it. I found it enduring.

But, I want to talk about this grandma a little. She is one of those ladies that is refined and confident, yet so friendly and endearing. She is constantly asking all the moms how we are doing and then remembering back to her own struggles with small children…which, let me tell you, that in and of itself  is a rarity. People seem to only want to remember the rosy parts and never seem to remember their child having a tantrum, disobeying, etc. So, that in and of itself makes me adore her. Being able to build people up and relate to them at the same time, really is a good quality in my eyes.

There wasn't much of anything that I went into parenting saying I wouldn't do. So really, I haven't "broken" any of my own rules. In fact, I more had an idea of things I would do, rather than wouldn't, and have stuck to those. And now, watching this lady, I have an idea of what kind of older adult I want to be. It's always a good thing to be relatable…and to love on and tell people how adorable their children are. Compliments really can go a long way.

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