Three Kids, One Outfit

I always had so much fun doing comparisons of Connor and Isla when they were little, in the same outfit or doing the same thing at a certain age. I have so enjoyed going through their baby pictures since adding Callum to the family. It is almost like I am reliving their babyhoods and love going back and looking at the pictures to spur those memories. So, you can only imagine my excitement when I unpacked this adorable outfit. Some friends sent it to us when I was pregnant with Connor. And it is now on it's third Grimbleby. The only thing is, the weather and Callum's length wouldn't hold out until he is five months old to do this comparison. But, it's close enough.




I guess I should have put him in the bumbo for the picture too, since the others were in it…Oops. But, you get the comparison, non-the-less. And, let's just say that the baby Grimbleby genes are strong in our family! They certainly all look related.

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