Bath Time Fun

We have probably used/owned practically every kids bath toy/product out there. I've learned what works and what doesn't. And by "what works" I don't mean what entertains the kids, because really it all does, what I mean is what doesn't destroy the bathtub. Like, a long time ago, I learned that bath crayons are about the hardest thing ever to remove from bath walls. So, I've never gotten them again. Bath paint is a huge hit in our house and always easy clean up. The kids shaving kits and foaming soaps are great as well. But that stuff leaves behind MAJOR soap scum…which, speaking from experience, dawn and vinegar in a spray bottle will take it off literally without any scrubbing…pinterest for the win! But, the product that has the most staying power and I buy over and over are those crayola color drops. They don't stain the tub or the walls, so really require no clean up. The color possibilities are endless. And the kids love them.

Recently I was cleaning out the kitchen and set out a tea pot to get rid of. One of the kids grabbed it and started playing with it. And it somehow (cough, Isla, cough) migrated to the bathtub. Then started a tradition of me making a surprise color in it and the kids learning the color when either them or I poured it into the tub. I know it sounds corny, but it really is fun. I think the mystery of the color makes it fun for them. And I enjoy watching the concentrated color hit the water and spread like a cloud through the bath water. This is just another one of those things that proves it really is the little things in life!

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