Columbia State Park

^^ From the first time we busted out this stroller, Isla has claimed the footrest as a seat of her own. No Isla, it totally isn't hard having all the weight in the front and the tiny baby in the back!  

On Saturday, the kids and I went with my family up to Columbia state park. Fun fact, or not so fun fact, Columbia was almost the capitol of the state of California and at one time was the second largest city in the state. Kind of crazy to think, given that it seems so far up in the hills and not close to anything. But, in the heyday of the gold rush, I guess it was the place to be. Anyway, I hadn't been since I was like 15, so didn't quite know what to expect. Well, it was perfect for Connor and Isla…gold panning, building to explore, a stage coach ride.

I really enjoyed roaming around. We couldn't have asked for better weather. And I loved that not many people were up there, so I felt comfortable letting the kids just be kids and not feeling like they were getting in the way or going to get lost. Though we did some damage at the candy store, we didn't go to the ice cream place, so win for us and self control. Isla said her favorite part was "playing in the water" which was panning for gold. The kids were guaranteed gold while panning and each got a couple tiny specks. And they were plenty happy with that. Both kids played/panned for gold until we made them move on. They did it for a long time. All three kids were in such great moods all day…I'm not sure if that was because it was so fun, because of the beautiful weather, the company or what, but I'll take it!

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