March 28

I've always wanted a big family. I've always envisioned a loud house, full of kids. For a few years, I didn't know if that would happen. I thought that maybe we were done at two. I had done mostly everything in my power and it just wasn't happening.

All that changed on March 28th last year. I saw my first glimmer of hope, my first little glimmer of Callum in the form of a pregnancy test. I was cautiously optimistic. I took several more tests over the coming weeks, just to watch the lines grow darker and the numbers grow bigger on the fancy digital ones. This is not something I had done with Connor or Isla; I only took one test each. But, like I said, I was cautiously optimistic. But on March 28th, I began a new journey. I was able to end a chapter of life that was very difficult and a constant internal struggle for me. And I started a new chapter.


March 28th, you forever changed me. You forever changed my family. You added to us. You gave us a hope. You gave me a new lease on my dream.

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