Isla, the Dancer

Isla had dance pictures this past weekend. She is finishing up her fourth year dancing and says she wants to move on. She actually told me she knows all there is to know about dancing, but I thought saying she wants to move on sounded nicer...haha! The funny thing is though, her getting all done up for pictures had her saying, "Well, maybe I will do it again." The girl likes her some fancy and some performing, so the end of the year at dance is just her thing. 

A week ago, they called all the parents into the dance call to talk about picture day and the recital that is coming up. They announce that girls can wear a small amount of makeup if wanted. Isla literally throws her hands up in the air and yells "I love makeup! I love makeup!" She certainly doesn't shy away from the limelight. Thankfully, Isla has been with the same group of girls for a few years (even went to preschool with a few of them!), so they all know her. In fact, she attended one of their birthday party's last month. I dropped her off and when I picked her up, I was told by a mom that stayed that Isla was the life of the party. Oh man. 

This girl. She is sweet. She is spicy. She is comfortable in her own skin and I just love and admire that about her and hope she never looses it.

Also, for the record, these poses are ALL Isla. I never have to pose this girl. She just gets in front of the camera and works it! Haha!

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