Connor's Big Weekend

Connor had quite the weekend this past weekend. First up was his pinewood car derby. He got fourth place, which I thought was totally respectable given he mostly made his car himself and it was his first time. He was not impressed with fourth place because he didn't get a trophy. Also, some of the vehicles that people made were legit. Like I am pretty sure Pinterest or something was used as inspiration and I'm still not fully sure how some of the creations were made just out of a piece of wood, but what do I know?!

Next up, Connor had a performance with his band "Storm". It was a band created through a music program he just did. The band is formed and practices for eight weeks, then performs. He was on keyboard. His band is performing again this next weekend, then will be done. He really enjoyed himself and said he would like to do it again. Music has become something Connor has had a lot of interest in recently, so this was perfect for him to do. 

We watched four of the bands (out of 38!) and the level of ability was all over the place. Two of the bands were teenagers and they were really good. The other two were younger kids. Though one kid seemed like he was being tortured up on stage, everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves. And it was fun seeing Connor up on a stage in a big theatre. 

It's fun to watch my kids do things they enjoy and are interested in. I want them to experiment with all different things, to learn what they really enjoy and then spend their time doing what they enjoy.

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