Willa {one month}

Willa turned one month old last week. It's been a pretty smooth first month. Willa is, dare I say, an easy baby. Of course, after having a reflux baby and having a baby with colic, any baby without those is easy, haha! She does love (and want to be) being held, but is also perfectly content being worn in her wrap. She is sleeping what I would consider well, as she only wakes to eat, then goes back to sleep. Speaking of sleep, why does EVERYONE want to talk about it with a mother of a newborn?! Honestly, unless you are offering to come help so I can sleep, don't ask about it! It's just annoying. 

Willa started smiling at 2.5 weeks old. And boy is she a smiler. She doesn't hold back and loves to smile for people. But honestly, I've also caught her smiling at a pillow on the couch when I was holding her, so...

Willa gets fussy when she needs to poop or burp, but once it's out, she is happy again. Of course, she has also gotten good at massive blowouts. The amount of poop that comes out of her at one time is impressive. She even did it all over the changing table in the middle of a diaper change one time. It was rather funny...mostly because the kids were freaking out about it.  

I am not sure exactly how big Willa is. At almost 3 weeks, she was 7lbs, 13oz and 21.5 inches long. She is starting to fit in her 0-3 months clothes. She still fits in most her newborn as well. And she has been wearing size 1 diapers from the beginning, just because I have never really done newborn size for any of my kids. Also, I went back and looked and Isla weighed 10.5 pounds at one month!!! What?!? Willa is definitely nowhere near that. She's my little peanut apparently. 

Willa gets lots of love from everyone in the family. Callum has finally come around to her being here and "pets" her...he calls it that and literally pets her head, haha! But I'll take it since he is actually acknowledging her presence and being nice about it. Isla and Connor both love to hold her. But Isla wins the award as most helpful, as she is always willing to lend a helping hand with baby Willa when I need it. 

We are definitely loving having this smily little girl around. 

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