Snow Day

We headed up to the snow on Sunday to take Callum skiing for the first time. It was a reward for him hitting a potty training goal. He's been wanting to go "skating" (as he calls it) for a while now. The plan was for Callum to have a two hour lesson, then all of us to go play in the snow. Well, the lesson didn't go exactly as planned. Callum was so excited to go skating, the whole way up the hill. But, then things went downhill. He didn't want his boots on. They finally got the boots on, then he refused to put the skis on. And he never put the skis on. The instructor tried playing with the skis with Callum to warm him up to them, but he just wouldn't do it. So, after about 45 minutes, we put the poor instructor out of his misery and went to play in the snow as a family down the road. 

It was a beautiful day for snow play. Hot out, actually. The kids had fun. Callum lost a boot and refused to put it back on, just playing in his sock...for well over an hour. It was that hot out! Isla was mad that the hills weren't larger for sledding. Apparently she is a bit of a dare devil, or at least thinks she is one! Connor played and dug in the snow. And baby Willa, she just slept. She even slept when I pulled her out of her carrier to take her picture. She only woke when Ian set her in the snow. Girl was out. And she was by far the easiest child on snow day...haha! But she slept the whole way to the snow, nursed, then slept the whole time at the snow. Then nursed again and slept the whole way home again. She obviously found her first time to the snow quite impressive ;)

Even if Callum's ski lesson didn't go anywhere near as planned, I am glad he got to do it. Now he at least knows what it involves...tight boots that he does not like. And we can try again next year. 

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