Willa's first bath

This was SO TWO WEEKS AGO, but life and such got in the way and I want to keep trudging along at documenting, so here I am. Willa had her first bath at two weeks old, on March 7th. They don't give baths in the hospital anymore and then we had to wait for her stump to fall off, then I had to order a baby bath, so you know, it all took time!

I saw this bath seat contraption that you can use on the counter and the water just drains back into the sink. I thought it was cool and went for it. It is cool and super easy to use. Willa has been comfortable and has yet to cry for a single bath. She cries when I undress her, but as soon as I put her in the seat and start putting water on her, she is happy as can be. So, I would call it a success. And given that I've had babies in the past that hated the bath, its a nice change. It's also a nice change to just plop a chair on the counter and easily give a bath...I'm going to start singing praises to this contraption like I have been about the velcro saddlers that are magic and my husband is going to accuse me of being paid by the company again! But it's a pretty cool little chair.

In conclusion, this was Willa's first bath. It happened at two weeks old. Isla repeatedly asked me why I was waiting so long to bath her. Willa enjoyed her first bath (and every bath since).

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