Willa {one week}

In her first week of life, Willa has managed to accomplish going to a lot of places. Something about being the fourth child and life going on, or something like that. She has gone to Target, Winco, the kids school, the coffee shop and more. 

So far she is a pretty chill baby. She enjoys being held and cuddled. She does not enjoy when she needs to poop. But once it's out, she is fine again. Willa seems to be taking to a pacifier nicely and that makes me happy. I associate pacifiers with sleep because my best sleeper was the only baby that took a pacifier. Willa seems most awake first thing in the morning...which generally begins sometime in the five o'clock hour. Yawn. But the nights have not been bad, so I really shouldn't complain. Willa also enjoys staring at light, whether it be from a lightbulb or a window.  

Connor and Isla are smitten with Willa and both enjoy holding her. Callum, not so much. But he is coming around. As for me, I am loving having a baby around again. Those newborn cuddles are just the best!

Also, I went back and looked at Callum at one week and couldn't believe the resemblance. And here I thought Willa didn't really look like any of the other three.

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