Another Sisterly Comparison

You guys, these are the types of things I just love. They are so trivial and don't really matter, but I still totally dig them. Being able to dress my younger kids in the same outfit their older sibling once wore just seems so fun to me. Both Willa and Isla are on the cusp of 4 months in these photos. Believe it or not, Isla had about two pounds on Willa and was the same length. Kind of funny because I feel like Isla doesn't look chubbier in these photos. Also, Isla had a bit more hair...which given that it wasn't much more, it gives me hope that Willa will have a full head of hair before we know it.

I noted about Isla that she loved to smile and I do have smiling pictures of her, but I honestly think Willa really loves to smile. The girl is always smiling at people. You give her attention and she will smile. Like so much so that I almost try to capture non-smiling photos too, as I want to remember her in all the ways. 

Someone asked me the other day, "Do all your kids have those eyes?" Yes, yes they do. We get comments about their big blue eyes all the time...well, Callum's are more hazel these days, but everyone else hung on to their blue eyes and they seem to be quite the feature. 

A little side note about this dress, our friends from the UK sent it and another one over for Isla when she was born. I had actually secretly hoped they would have a girl at some point so I could send them back to her, as I thought it would be fun for both our babies to wear them. But, I am also glad that I hung on to them for Willa to wear, as I didn't hang on to that much girl stuff.

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