Willa's first swim


Willa "enjoyed" her first swim. I should actually say, Willa found the first thing that she adamantly hates. She literally screamed the whole time. And every time Ian would get her calmed down, Connor would jump in the pool or someone would get close enough that the slightest bit of water splashed up on her and she would start crying all over again. I could say it was the cold water, but it has been so HOT here and the water was even warm enough for me (I hate even cool water), so I don't think that was it.

We did a family swim a couple days later, and though she tolerated it for a bit, it ended with her crying the most I have ever heard her cry. I don't know what it is, as she loves her baths, but girlfriend definitely does not like the pool. We will keep at it though and maybe by the end of the summer she will enjoy it. 

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