Finding Joy in the Mundane

I like to joke that I was JOMO (joy of missing out) before JOMO was even a thing or cool. I wasn't always this way. I used to almost have a need to be out of the house every waking moment. But, I have learned a lot about myself over the past few years and one of the main things I learned is that I recharge from being at home and that having too much going on makes me stressed and not a good wife or mom. Now here's the thing, I am a recovering "yes person". I struggle with feeling like I should always help someone out, no matter what. Well, I discovered I was saying yes to people to the detriment of my own family. Because when I spent all day trying to please other people by watching their kids or helping on a committee or whatever it happened to be, I found that not only was I not paying attention to my own children during the day like I should, but I also had no energy left for my family by the time the evening came around. So I learned to slow down...or having two more babies slowed me down! 

By slowing down, I've learned to appreciate more of what is immediately around me. I have the time to let Callum help me vacuum or to get all the art supplies out for Isla to make art. I have the energy and the want to read Callum a bedtime story and to lay with Isla until she falls asleep. Because, when I was busy all the time, I had neither the energy or the will for those things. I was maxed out and needed to recharge at the end of the day by being alone. But by learning to say no to outside things, I have been able to say yes to and enjoy the mundane, the everyday things that happen at home raising my children.

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