Callum {3.5 years}

likes: playing with kids, nerf guns, cars, leaving the house, playing with water, anything sweet (ice cream, popsicles, candy, etc)
dislikes: going to bed (or nap), having to hold my hand, his teeth being brushed

can count to 19..and beyond, but gets a little messed up
knows his colors
pees standing up

Three and a half years and ornery as ever! This kid was a dream baby and went on to be the most ACTIVE TODDLER EVER. Like seriously. Active with a side of ornery. He keeps me humble on the daily. Sure, he means well. But hitting people with sticks isn't always cool. And hitting random people's butts in public and yelling "tag!" can be a bit embarrassing. 

Callum is so, so social. He loves playing with other kids. When his brother or sister actually play with him, he lights up and you can tell it means the world to him. He can just play a bit rough. Wrestling, shooting others with a nerf gun and chasing people are among his favorite ways to play. But anytime he sees a kid, he just always assumes they want to play! 

Callum is about 90% potty trained and honestly, I had kind of given up hope and that is way better than I expected at this point. And it's not because he can't do it...he totally can. It is all about him just not wanting to take the time to go. He made potty training Connor and Isla seem like a breeze...well, Isla literally was and Connor I now know pretty much was. Callum is just wanting to pave his own path! 

Callum is still a very good eater. Though when I asked him his favorite food, he said "McDonald's. That is what I like to eat." and when I asked his favorite ice cream, he said "McDonald's ice cream". I promise you, we don't have McDonald's that often! He doesn't even get to do playdates there like the other kids did. But, at home, Callum is a great eater. He will eat mostly anything...especially if it is coming off mine or Ian's plate. He doesn't like to drink milk, but drinks water like a champ and will steal any soda people leave laying around...even if he doesn't know the person. 

Sleep wise, Callum is so-so. He really could still use a nap, but when he does nap, he takes forever to go to sleep at night. But, when he doesn't nap, well the afternoons can be a bit of a struggle. Because when he is tired, he becomes even more ornery than normal. But also, if he wakes up super early (5:30-6:30am), he really just requires a nap. Callum still wakes up most nights to crawl into bed with us, but that is just normal in our house for our kids. 

^^ "No more pictures!!!"

Also, I totally did these pictures to match ones from Connor at the exact same age. In case you are into that sort of thing, here is the post

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