a glimpse into the life of Callum

This is Callum standing in front of his preschool, showing off his show and tell item. 

It's a painting he did with his Grammy (Ian's mom). He's holding it upside down. 

When I was getting him out of the car, he kept hitting me with the painting. I told him to be careful or he could ruin it. He responded with, "I'll just make another one." If that doesn't sum up Callum's personality, I don't know what does. 

Callum calls those shoes he is wearing his "jumping shoes". It's what he has called them from the moment he saw them. 

That fleece he is wearing, we bought on our vacation to San Diego last summer. It was an amazing and relaxing vacation. 

Callum is the kid that keeps me both humbled and fully entertained every single day. He's a fun one to have around...especially now that he isn't as likely to run off from me in public. He'll run, but when I tell him to stop, will most likely stop, turn around and stick his tongue out at me. Like I said, he keeps me humble.

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