Making Lemonade from Lemons

Literally. From lemons left on our porch. 

What's so unique about this situation we find ourselves in is we are all in this together. Literally every person in the world. That certainly never happens. So while this time of virus attack and staying at home can feel so isolating, it is also a time we are all in together. 

I've gotten texts from people just checking on me. We have gotten THREE citrus deliveries from people and a cookie delivery too! The kids have written letters to their friends. In fact, Isla's letter was followed up with a text from the friend's mom saying the letter had the whole family laughing. Bears adorn the windows of more than 100 homes in my neighborhood. Though the "bear hunt" is a fun activity, I also see it as a sign of solidarity. A sign of us all reaching out to each other and saying "we will get through this together." We participated in a social distancing birthday party that had me tearing up...probably because it was the most I have seen people in a while. But also because it was a bunch of us coming together to make the day of someone we love. Of course, it ended with my car breaking down...but that's another story. 

I don't really have a nice bow to wrap this all up with. But really, even with us all feeling lonely in our homes, we are also SO all in this together and it really is a beautiful thing. 

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