One Last Day Trip

On Saturday we took a trip to the snow. A trip that will be the last trip we take for a long while. In hindsight, I am so, so glad we took it. But, I was hesitant to go. I didn't want any exposure for us. We didn't stop anywhere, not even for gas. And we packed our own food. We went to the same spot we went with some friends a couple months ago. It's an elementary school, with plenty of room to roam.

When we got there, it was snowing. I always feel like things are just so much more fun and exciting when it is snowing. Connor and Isla weren't super into it, really only staying out in the snow a few minutes. Callum though, that kid was in his element. After he was done just playing in the snow, he went and played on the play equipment for a good while. Then he came back to the car for some food.

Just as we were all eating lunch, another car of people showed up to play. So we left...but we left without a chance to pee. And, well, I didn't want exposure, plus everything is closed inside, so a side of the road pee break was in order.

The trip was a good way to break up the monotony of our day to day for the past couple weeks. And it happened just in time. They closed all the state parks the next day. And then five days later, they are now enforcing a stay at home order using the police and you can't even drive somewhere without just cause. So it looks like our time of fun happened just in time.

Now to get cozy and used to being home all the time for a good long while!

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