Scenes from Quarantine {week six}

Well, warmer weather is here. The kids went in the pool for the first time this year...even if it was far too cold for me. I put my feet in and it was freezing. The warmer weather also means more ice cream and other cold treats. And no one is saying no to that.

Connor and Isla started doing twice weekly video calls with their teachers. They love these calls. I feel for the teachers though and having all that chaos coming at them at one time! Connor held up Willa for his class to see. And Isla shared our bearded dragon with her whole class. The kinks with school seem to be getting worked out and all is going much smoother.

I started feeling stir crazy. Like EXTREMELY stir crazy one day. I guess only going to Winco twice in a month plus and nowhere else finally got to me. I just wanted out. To go somewhere. For the most part, I am totally fine being at home. But sometimes, I just want to do something. We did get Connor a new/bigger bike and have gone on several family bike rides. So, that's been nice.

Every time someone comes to my porch and talks to me from a distance feels life-giving. That sounds so cheesy. But the human interaction outside of my children really is nice. I dropped some hand me downs off on a friend's porch and stood at my car talking to her for half an hour...while the kids went crazy in the car, haha. But it was totally worth it and nice to have that face to face (from a distance) adult conversation for a bit. Turns out this introvert really enjoys seeing people in the flesh from time to time!

It's weird though, everyone keeping their distance. People being sort of friendly, sort of standoff-ish. A post man delivered a package for someone else to our house, so when he came back to get in his truck, I ran it out to him. You could tell he really didn't want me getting close. I almost offered to toss the package to him. It was just another reminder of how much things have changed over the past several weeks.

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