Yes, easter looked different this year. But, we were the people that booked a camping trip last year on easter not realizing it was easter. Haha! So it's not like we are so stooped in tradition that it bothers us. It was more of a slow and enjoyable day. 

We all ate breakfast together and the kids got their easter baskets. Then we all watched church on the tv. We played legos while church was going. Then, it was time for the backyard egg hunt. At first, I was going to make each kid get a certain number of eggs, but I decided to just let them go for it and all worked out. Sure, Willa ended up with two eggs. But she was sure proud of those two eggs! And toward the end, I helped Callum find some of the eggs, as the older two had a bunch more than him. After that, we had lunch, then went for a walk in our neighborhood. 

Next, we cruised by Ian's parents house for a social distancing egg hunt in the front yard. His parents watched as the kids hunted for eggs, then we left and headed for home...where we ate a traditional easter meal of orange chicken, haha! 

All it all, it was a really enjoyable, slow paced and drama free day. Quite enjoyable in fact. 

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