Scenes from Quarantine {week four}

The news is an interesting thing to read right now. So many opinions flying about and no one really knows the future. Maybe this will last a few more weeks, maybe months, maybe years...please God, NO, not years!!! My news loving self still isn't reading news like I used to. So much of it seems subjective these days and I am just not into that. 

Two months ago, I was thinking about life after busy season. Then a bomb was dropped in our life, all our lives. I've heard my four year old say "coronavirus" in the most adorable voice, yet also cry about not getting to go to the playground or see his grandparents. My ten year old asked to listen to a podcast on the virus and my eight year old says she misses school and her friends. I really enjoy not having to set an alarm in the morning. Many days hum along easily, while some have siblings fighting all day, leaving me wanting to pull out my hair. 

This season isn't what I expected. It isn't what any of us have expected. But that doesn't mean there isn't good in it. Willa has pretty much perfected walking. The kids actually play together well a lot of the time (but when they don't...oh man!). Ian is working from home and gets to eat dinner with us every night, something that doesn't happen during a normal busy season. I've begun taking more pictures of our daily life and I like that. Of course that doesn't mean there aren't real challenges either. Life certainly isn't normal. Learning to breathe calmly behind a mask while grocery shopping can be counted as one of those not normal things. I literally felt like I was suffocating for the first couple minutes before I calmed down. 

I now know two people personally who have tested positive for the virus and many that suspected to have it. Neither live right by me. Both say it's the most sick they have ever been and that it was very scary for several days. Going out a degree, I know of two people that have been on a ventilator for it and one person that died. But honestly, what scares me the most, is people I know that aren't taking it seriously at all. Even if they don't die from it, they can keep the spread going and that bothers me. 

If you care to see my thoughts and perspectives change over the weeks - my first post about covid-19, week one, week two and week three.

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