A Walk in the Rain

We went for a walk in the rain a few days ago for several reasons. One is, I love the rain and I love being out in the rain and I figured the kids would too. Spoiler alert, they did! But I also went out then because I figured no one would be out. And I was correct. We live right by this amazing walking/biking path. But I have had to avoid it because during social distancing, it has been covered in people and that, my friends, is not social distancing. I saw this funny meme the other day saying it's a good thing the virus doesn't travel sideways. Seriously though. People walk right next to each other, not even thinking about six feet. Oh well. Let me get off my soap box.

Rain. I love the rain. Kids love puddles. While walking, it turned into a significant downpour and we decided to turn back toward home. Mostly because I didn't want to get super far from the house in the pouring rain and have a kid meltdown about it. Anyway, the walk home took a long time, as the kids played in the puddles. Isla jumped in every puddle she saw, filling her boots and soaking herself. Callum rode his trike through them. Willa slept in her stroller the whole time, haha! Both Callum and Isla had to be drug home, as they didn't want to stop playing. But, as any good play in the rain sesh goes, it ended with warm showers and comfy clothes.

We haven't got much rain this year and this fun walk in the rain made me sad that we didn't. Rain just bring the best smells, the coziest of the cozys and fun play times...also, it keeps California out of a drought.

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