That Time We Made Bread

I'm not a baker. I'll just level with you. I love to cook, but baking, not so much. But I saw this recipe that my amazing baker friend (and author!!!) posted. It seemed "easy enough". That is, until I started it, haha! It really isn't difficult. I shouldn't say that. I guess I just didn't realize how many steps there are to making bread. And just how much the dough has to be left. But not for too long. We accidentally let ours rise for far too long there at the end. We prepared it, then let it sit while we went to a birthday parade and boy oh boy did it get ginormous. That didn't affect the flavor at all though. And I have to say, I felt rather accomplished with Connor and I for doing this. And I feel like our friend Bonnie would be proud because we weighed out all the ingredients instead of measuring...even if all we had was a salt grinder and had to grind up 20 grams of salt. Connor and I had to take turns with the salt grinder for all that salt! And doing something like this with only one kid that can do most the steps by himself is also pretty dang awesome. 

Just look at that HUGE loaf! I braided it because we don't have any loaf pans. I accidentally let it sit for twice as long as it needed and it certainly got big. 

In case you missed it, here is the link to Alchemy Bread's recipe for kindergarten honey wheat bread.

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