Scenes from Quarantine {week two}

I'm a planner. I like knowing the plan (a realistic one, of course) and making sure it happens. Having every plan thrown out the window and knowing I need to plug my ears to when the world will "open" again has been weird. A shift in perspective for me.

Everyday, the first thing I do is go around and open the curtains in the house, letting the sun flood in. It used to be showering. Now that is much farther down on my list. Drinking coffee, feeding the kids breakfast and even dishes come before that.

It's been a week, that's for sure.

I went grocery shopping for the first time in two weeks. It was eerily calm, though my cashier told me that has just started. I was shocked by how many old people were out shopping. I wanted to tell them all to return home and to give me their lists, but I knew that wasn't practical. I did what I could do to help though and picked up some things for my parents and someone else. While out at the grocery store, my house key somehow fell off my keychain. How does that even happen when they are so dang hard to get on?? Our old 1930's house also has an old lock. Those keys made at places like Lowe's aren't good enough for it...we've tried in the past. So, we only had two house keys. And I freaking lost one. We had to call locksmith and get that dealt with. He changed up the lock (not the actual lock, but how it is, so the old key doesn't work) and made us a plethora of keys. That's one stressful situation dealt with.

Someone knocked on our door the other day. I looked outside and didn't see any cars. I opened this weird window thing in our door and saw a neighbor standing there, so opened the door. Our other neighbor's cat got hit by a car and ran up our driveway. Of course, said neighbor wasn't home. I called my sister in law, who is a vet, to see what to do, as the cat was bad off. She said they could euthanize it. Thankfully, it didn't come to that. The cat perished rather quickly. But it was just a lot in a week already running high with emotions.

Anyone that knows me well can confirm that I am not a very physical person and I'm not emotional. Through all this, I keep thinking how I just want to hug a friend and cry in their arms. I don't want to talk about it. We all know what's going on. We are all facing the same beast of a virus and life changing isolation together. But I just want my friends.

The kids are doing oddly well. They have taken to the daily walks. Callum and Isla spend a lot of time drawing. Connor is chipping away at his mission project. Willa is practicing walking...when she is in the mood. We really have a lot to be thankful for. But I also feel sad.

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