Willa {12 months}

weight: 19 lbs, 13 oz
length: 28.5 inches

accomplishments: has four teeth, waves and says "hi", babbles, cruises, climbs down from the couch and bed

The older I get and the more I write these updates, the more I struggle. I want to remember so much and sometimes it's hard to put that in words. How does one sum up their child's personality? Willa is a sweet one. She is generous with her smiles, but is starting to prefer her mama over anyone else. She has found her voice and uses it a lot. This includes her learning to scream whenever she wants something...and it's up to us to guess what that something is! Willa loves playing with whatever her siblings are playing with, which generally they don't want her grabbing. She has an eye for any food left at her level unattended. The cozy coupe is among her top played with toys. Followed closely by any cords or plugs...eek! Well, and the remote control. And she's a smart one and knows when you give her a remote that doesn't go to anything, haha!

Willa loves to eat and really just eats whatever we are eating. I can't really think of favorites right now, but her face definitely lights up when I put chocolate in her mouth. Like she smiles excitedly and it's sort of the cutest thing ever. When she is done eating, or just not interested, she throws the food on the ground, which is obviously awesome. Willa is still nursing. She doesn't nurse as much during the day, mostly when she is tired. But at night, she tends to nurse most of the night. Once Ian is done with busy season, I would like for him to go to her at night, so we can stop the all night nursing, as we are tired! 

Willa has proved to be quite the dramatic teether and because of this, ends up spending a lot of time in her carrier. When she is teething and wants to be held all the time and I need to get stuff done, I strap her on my back and keep going. Of course, she actually usually takes a nap a day like this. Usually it's in the evening, when I am cooking dinner. 

Size wise, I moved Willa to size 4 diapers this past month. I made sure to use all our size 3 first and noticed the size 3 pampers are bigger than the brand we normally use. So, all that to say, if using pampers, she would probably still be in a 3. She still is wearing many 6-12 months clothing, but 12-18 months mostly works as well. Some of it is huge, but not all of it. I think all her pjs are currently size 6-12 months. 

Willa loves showers. She crawls around under the water with glee the whole time and it's one of the cutest things. Even if she is having a bad day of teething, the shower still makes her smile and giggle. And I just love that she will sit and let the water run down her face, as I know eventually she will freak out over any water getting on her face. 

The past year with Willa has been grand. I am so glad we got to live it with her. It will be one I would like to remember over and over again. 

And here's a little look back video of Willa's first year of life:

Since I'm going to look back myself, here is Connor at one, Isla at one and Callum at one. I'm pretty sure even Callum had more hair than Willa at one. All those teeth and the hair that Isla had made her look so much older! Willa was my smallest and lightest one year old. Petite little one.

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