Airport Wonderment

Every time I am at the airport, I am surprised by the amount of people that have no clue how security works. Honestly, you have to be living under a rock to not have flown in the past seven years and know what security is like. But, there is always the person who acts this way, and I always happen to end up behind them in the security line!

This morning in Edinburgh, the "security line director" directed me to the longest security line of the bunch, putting me right behind a family with two small children. I was already frustrated just looking at them. I knew they were going to be a "problem". Ian told me to chill, and even though I was "chill" I was still amazed at the stupidity of this family. First, there are all the large signs that tell you what you need to take off/pull out and put through the x-ray machines. But, apparently this family has never flown before AND decided that the large yellow signs were worth ignoring. Anyway, they put their bags on the belt and tried to walk through the metal detector with their stroller, coats, cell phones, shoes and more. Needless to say, they were stopped and told what needs to go through the x-ray machine. They seemed semi annoyed by this. But what they need to realize is that everyone behind them in line was semi annoyed by their ignorance. I can understand forgetting taking off your belt or something, but come on, when you are standing in line watching every other person in front of you strip, you should realize you need to do the same. People need to catch up with the times and know the rules when they travel!

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