The Sleepless Night

Last night, I decided to go to bed early in an attempt to start my week off right. I fell asleep fast, which is unusual for me. Exactly an hour and fifty minutes after hitting the pillow, I woke up mid-nightmare. You ready for this? I dreamt that I stepped in dog poo! I HATE dog poo! I actually woke up with my heart pounding and covered in sweat. This was at 10:50pm. In case you can't do the math, that means I went to bed at 9pm. After calming down, I was hoping to go right back to sleep. Well that sleep didn't come until much later! The last time I looked at the clock was at 3:23am...and I had to get up at 4:30am! It was quite the long, stressful, sleepless night for me. All in all, I clocked about three hours sleep last night. I think the going to bed early thing backfired on me. I think my body actually thought I was taking a nap or something. That's the last time I try to do something "grown up" and get the right amount of sleep!


  1. I have a feeling that the real issue is your fecesaphobia!

  2. You're missing your pooch in some weird way! I saw the little sweetheart- as your parents snuck here into Vicki's farewell party in a Loui Vuitton bag!!!

  3. What's your problem? I step in the stuff all the time! In fact I smell others before I poop!!!


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