Goodbye Dear Rug

Today I lost my rug. Ian and I opened our storage unit only to find a pipe going thru the top of the unit leaked, burning holes in my beautiful Pottery Barn rug (circa 2002) and leaving some gnarly rust stains on my beautiful Pottery Barn couch (oh how I miss that discount!). And the storage company, being the nice people that they are, told us it wasn't their problem. As I was complaining about this in the office, a guy in there said, "Hey, there is a pipe running thru my unit as well." Well man, I have some advice for you, move it while you can; otherwise the storage company will be telling you tough luck as well! Of course, they haven't seen or heard the last from Jessica on this one! Let the war on the storage company begin...drum roll please...

1 comment:

  1. YOU GO GIRL!!! Fight for your rights! Sounds like a job back at Pottery Barn may be in your future. . . that discount is just to good to give up!


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