The New Year

I'm not the type of person to make new year's resolutions. What's the point of trying to change yourself once a year when you should be working on yourself all the time? Though I don't believe in new year's resolutions, I do believe in new beginnings. I also believe in setting myself up for a really good year. Even though I don't predict anything too crazy happening in my life this year, I do have some things I would like to accomplish...

1. Travel - Amsterdam, Disneyland Paris, northern Germany, a European snowboarding trip, New Zealand and Australia. I don't know if there will be time in the year to hit up all those places, but hopefully the list gets checked down a bit.
2. Visits - I am also hoping to have some friends come visit. I know the economy sucks right now, but it is the only time you can have free housing in Edinburgh (even if I do make you clean while you are there...ha, ha!), so think about it, okay?
3. Photography - I got a great new camera for Christmas and a fun new lens, so it is time to learn everything about them and use them.
4. Sleep - My sleeping patters have gotten all messed up working at the 'bucks and it is time that I find some sort of regularity in there and make sure to consistently get good nights sleep. Lets face it, I am not getting any younger here!

See, like I said, nothing too crazy. Though, I am thinking I should make one resolution about being less sarcastic, but there is always 2010 for that one!


  1. I have another one to add to your list...find out about the Christmas pickle!


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