I Smell Poo* and Other Random Musings About My Day

I had such a good, yet random day, so I thought I would share some of the highlights with you:

1. I woke up at 2:30am and was never able to get back to sleep. This wasn't a huge deal since I had to get up at 4:30am for work anyway.

2. This regular at my store that I talk to all the time knows one of my good friends in LA (hi Katie). What a small world is it when you meet someone in Scotland who knows your friend in California? Loves it!

3. A certain Scottish celebrity noticed my hair and made a comment about it. I thought that was cool. Of course, he also made fun of his in-laws this morning too! (My thinking his in-law jokes were funny has nothing to do with my feelings for my own in-laws...)

4. There is this man that keeps coming into my store and peeing all over the bathroom. We told him today that if he can't keep it in the toilet, he isn't welcome in our store. On a side note, he never buys anything from us, just uses our toilet. Any of you ever been kicked out of a store for such?

5. I learned that I have more self control than I thought. This guy at my work dumped coffee grinds in our dishwasher (yes, on purpose; no, he didn't think it would break it) breaking it. I got to spend three hours washing it out before it finally started working again. This greatly tried my patience, but I was able to keep my cool.

6. I took a four and a half hour nap today, so will probably never go to bed tonight!

I now realize after putting my day down in words, it shouldn't have been that great of one. But I was seriously in such a good mood today and really having fun at work, so that helped. Now the poo smell, that could really ruin many a days ahead if we don't get it fixed!

* About the poo smell, one whole floor of my store smells like it and we don't know why. I called it in to maintenance today, actually letting them know the problem was "the smell of poo". They let me know they would send someone out to investigate!


  1. Well let me know how the investigation goes.... maybe the guy who pees everywhere got mad and pooed somewhere instead.

  2. What...Has Reghan been in your store lately? She is the queen of poo! Love ya girl.


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