What's the first name of your first child?

SAY WHAT?!? I didn't even know I had a first kid!

So, I go online to do some banking today and the following security question pops up:

What's the first name of your first child?

Being the person that I am, I actually tried to guess the answer to it. After a couple tries, I gave up and called the husband. The question threw him for a loop too. After a little bit of troubleshooting, it turns out I was trying to log onto someone else's account. I was relieved. I was seriously afraid I had a first child floating around out there that I didn't even know about!

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  1. I'm glad to know that you don't have a first child..... cuz that would mean that I would be an auntie and you didn't even tell me! It's good to know that you try logging onto other peoples banking accounts. :)


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