Sunday Morning

I learned something new about Edinburgh yesterday, just by getting out of my bed early. I got up to restart the dryer (yes, you don't really need to know this, and yes, I am a dork for setting my alarm to restart it) but then couldn't go back to sleep. After an hour of playing around in the house, I woke Ian up with a cup of coffee and told him we were going to go get breakfast. We left our house at about 8am to head to one of our favorite coffee/breakfast places. When we got there, it was closed. So we decided to go somewhere else, which was also closed. We spent an hour wandering around the city from restaurant to restaurant, in the FREEZING cold nonetheless, before our original choice opened at 9am. Ian and I both found it greatly ridiculous that we couldn't find a single restaurant or coffee shop that opens before 9am on a Sunday!

Now fast forward to later in the day. I am at work and telling my story to my coworkers. And, how do they respond? One says, "Why would you EVER be up that early on a Sunday?!?" Sometimes I am totally baffled by the "hours of operation" of businesses around Edinburgh. Everything closes early and even food places don't open early. All I can say is next time I decide to get out of bed unusually early on a Sunday, I will make breakfast in my own kitchen...lessen learned!

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  1. That is really weird that restaurants were not open my 8 am especially breakfast type places. I guess you live and learn.


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