Tabby Brown

I have a new friend. Their name is Tabby Brown. Who exactly Tabby Brown is remains a mystery to me. I was greeted with the cutest envelope in my mailbox yesterday, obviously written in a child's handwriting. When I opened it, it was a class project about Flat Stanley (who is in the picture). This class project is to see where Flat Stanley can go. I am supposed to mail a postcard back to Tabby's school and forward Flat Stanley on to someone else. I definitely will participate in this class project, as I can't deny anyone who writes me in cute little handwriting. But as to who Tabby Brown is, I still don't have a clue. Anyone know this child?

And on a side note, if I forward Flat Stanley on to you, you better participate in the project too!


  1. OH! I would DEFINITELY participate! :) Love what you've done with your page... ;) Hope all's well! Hugs and love always, K

  2. I think Flat Stanley wants to go snowboarding and 2 pint night!

  3. I think Flat Stanley wants to go to Cambodia and ride an elephant!!! I would be glad to take him with me.


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