I feel so loved. That really is the summary of my trip home. Reconnecting with so many friends has really been great. I wish I could pack all of you up and take you home with me. Each one of you is special for such different reasons. I have people to be sarcastic with, shop with, chat with; people that challenge me, help me grow and give me someone to lean on. It is so nice to walk into old situations and feel like nothing has changed. To sit down for coffee with friends, and feel no weirdness and just be able to talk. Even though so much has changed, so little has changed at the same time. Sometimes I imagine what life would be like if I was still in LA, but I realize I can’t go there. My life has changed in ways I could never have believed and I have friends that have weathered the changes with me.

Chandra – You are the longest friendship I have and we have watched each other change. I am always amazed about how we have never let anything come in between our friendship. Every time I see you, it feels like I have just seen you the day before. You always let me talk and don’t judge me (at least not to my face) no matter what I say.

– You have really become a special friend to me. When I think about you, I smile. You and I have watched each other walk through some not very fun days, yet somehow talking to you about it always makes things better. You really are the reason I was so on board with the move to Scotland. You give me perspective in life, and that is important.

Kelly – You constantly amaze me. You stretch me in ways no one else can. You help me challenge my own views, which every person needs to do from time to time. Anytime I am with you, I feel like I never left. I always feel comfortable with you and feel safe that everything we talk about will stay between us.

Lisa – Having a friend I both admire and can have fun with is a blessing. I can sit around and laugh with you, talk about the bum on the building across from your office (which, is he still there?) or talk about real life stuff. You always encourage me to move forward in life with a smile on my face.

Laurie – Having a friend that I can laugh histarically with, then pray with is the best. Who else would feed me popsicles and pickles, let me laugh when their kid is in trouble and still talk to me at the end of the day?!?

I feel like I could keep going down the list. There are so many of you that have helped make me what I am and help me enjoy life every day. I am thankful to each one of you. Reconnecting this trip with some friends I hadn’t seen in years was great. I truly feel like a lucky person to have met and connected with such great people in my life.


  1. Wow, you are so blessed to have such good friends. . . but you forgot the most important one. . . me! Who else can you harrass, tease, scare, offer food to and then snatch it away, make army crawl across the floor, and put funny clothes on and then being the loyal friend that I am I still curl up and sleep with you. Looking forward to seeing you in May!

  2. What can I say, you do have some amazing friends! I can honstly say, life would not be the same without Jessica. I know Chandra feels the same way too. I am blessed to have you as my good friend. Who else would eat pickles with my two-year-old. Love ya Jess!

  3. Awe, Jess...I just read this for the first time. (Yeh, I need to keep up!!!). THANK YOU for your sweet words! I/WE are grateful for YOU. Your friendship is one I will forever treasure. Love and miss you to the moon! MUAH!


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