Nighttime in Edinburgh

It is starting to seem that I live my entire life under the cover of darkness. Seriously, the sun makes an appearance about 9am and is gone by 3:30pm! What type of day is that?!? It confuses me and makes me wonder what part of the day I should refer to as "night". It also demotivates me. It makes 4:30pm seem like 9:30pm. It throws off my eating schedule and makes taking a nap feel all too weird, as it feels like I am going to sleep for the night. Then, I think about how we are still headed to the darkest day of the year, so there is more to come...insert sad music and sniffing here...

But, then there are the lights...It's Edinburgh Christmas! The Christmas village invaded the city centre, complete with lights and fair rides. And, you just wouldn't get the full effect of the lights if it was sunny outside! Everyone comes out to the Christmas village. Most the time it is so crowed, you can't even walk. There is ice skating, ferris wheel riding, sausage eating, and more. And, lets not forget to mention the guy that sells roasted iconic! Though, I must admit, the roasted chestnuts smell a lot better than they taste.

I guess there are pros and cons to every season. And, when the cons become too much, I turn on all the lights in the house and act like I am laying on a beach in California!!!


  1. I love the pictures of Edinburgh at Christmas. It is so pretty. And I would have to agree with you that the roasted chestnuts smell a lot better than they taste. I had some in Portugal and they were disgusting...

  2. Well at least you get pretty lights, ice skating and a ferris wheel, all we got here in Modesto is FOG!!!


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