Interesting Inventions

Hygienically Wrapped Toothpick
Location: Yu Chinese Restaurant, Aberdeen, Scotland

Honestly, I don't even know how this has a market! You can already buy individually wrapped toothpicks if you have a problem getting one out of a container. And, what makes it hygienically wrapped? And, why is the toothpick oddly shaped? And (don't worry, this is the last "and"), why does the company have a fork as the logo for the hygienically wrapped toothpick?!?

Dairy Stix (milk in a bag)
Location: On a train somewhere in the middle of Scotland

Though this isn't the craziest invention ever, it is interesting. I don't quite know the reason for it; possibly because it saves packaging. Who really knows though? My only beef about it is if you don't get all the milk out, then set the packaging on the table, the excess milk comes out onto the it an invention error.

Starbucks VIA (their new instant coffee)
Location: Starbucks, Edinburgh, Scotland

Though I never would have put "Starbucks" and "instant coffee" in the same sentence, I totally know why they went down that path. This gives Starbucks a chance to break into a different coffee market; expand into hotel rooms, trains and more. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Now for my review of the new instant coffee...I tried both the Colombia and the Italian Roast. I personally liked the Italian Roast better, but that is due to my taste in coffee. I am not big on acidity in my coffee, and instant or not Colombia has it. I don't think this will replace freshly grounded coffee in my french press any time soon, but it is a good alternative when on the run...and for people like my parents who don't mess with making coffee!


  1. I don't mess with making coffee because I don't drink coffee!!!

  2. I am slightly afraid of that toothpick. Disturbing for some reason.

  3. I think the packaging of the toothpick costs more than the toothpick itself!


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