A Lost Childhood

Last night, I was waiting for the bus and these two little boys (maybe about 10 years old) came up to me and asked me for a light?!? Say what!?! They even had a cigarette with them! There are so many things wrong with this situation. It was 9:30pm, where were their parents? Where did they get a cigarette? And, why did they think any respectable adult would give them a "light"?

These smoking little 10 year olds ended up sitting by me on the bus, where I got a front row seat to their lives. Here is part of the conversation:

boy 1: Want to spend the night tonight?
boy 2: Yeah.
boy 1: Do you think your Mum will say yes?
boy 2: She's drunk by now so she'll say yes to anything.


boy 2: Does your mom want to say hi and hug you a lot when she is drunk?
boy 1: My mom is a f*****g b***h when she is drunk.


Next up, a conversation about the best ways to steal food. WHAT?!? Honestly, my heart broke for these boys. They should be enjoying life, riding bikes, playing video games and more, not stealing food, smoking and talking about their drunk mothers. Every time I think of last night, I feel sad. No kid should have a childhood like that.

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